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Human vs. Zombies

University of Colorado prepared a series of games, where the Students pretend to be in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. How do they play?
They choose a secure building in the campus of the university and each player choose a side.
Humans have to make a barricade and protect themselves from the ZOMBIES using a NERF GUN and ZOMBIES have to get them (naturally), if the ZOMBIE recieve a shot to the head before he touches you, he is dead (again) and if you don’t shot him in the head, you turn into a ZOMBIE and is your turn to “eat” your friends, pretty nice, isn’t it?.
They also prepare missions asides:

  • Rescue the dummy doll.
  • Secure the perimeter.
  • Last Survivor.
  • Protect de VIP.
  • Get out of the building without being infected.

It made me think, what about if we organize our own APOCALYPSE ZOMBIE GAME?
Hope you get interested…




A central area of study at the Zombie Research Society is the undead’s ability to differentiate its living prey from others of its own kind.  If they hunt by sight, then walking like a zombie could afford potential victims functional invisibility.  If they hunt by smell, then certain anti-odor measures could be employed.  But ZRS Researcher, Liz Hope, believes that zombies likely use their sense of touch to find, capture, and devour their prey.

Hope points to the hunting technique of the smallest predator on the planet, the Etruscan Shrew, to support her argument:

“The tiny shrew must eat twice its body weight every day to keep from starving.  And the animals it hunts – crickets, cockroaches, and spiders – are often as big as the shrew itself.  That means it’s constantly looking for its next meal, and does so using only touch.”

She goes on to explain that the shrew spots potential prey visually, then moves in to feel and confirm.  Much like a zombie reaching out for its next meal, the shrew decides what to attack by touching targets with its nose and whiskers.  Because it’s widely believed that zombies are cold blooded, and because their imperfect body is dead and rotting, it stands to reason that the undead would have no trouble identifying a warm, soft, living person using the touch method.

Interestingly, this may also explain why zombies are thought to move about in packs.  If they gather together to investigate each other through touch, they would then be in a naturally formed group as they move on to seek out humans to eat.

Way’s of infection

Another point of view, we all know that if a ZOMBIE bite you, you are fucked, and thinking about how aggressive they are what about if we get a little drop of their blood in our mouth? Could we get infected by that? My question it’s because..the ZOMBIE feels obligated to attack you, that’s one way of getting infected, what about airborne, is the virus already in your blood and when you die it gets active or what?
Another question that’s been bothering me, how long does a ZOMBIE takes to fully decompose?
This could be very useful by the time they arrive, you could build a bunker and spend some time there if you know they will decompose and rotten in 6months, but what if they don’t?

Leave your comment.

Diary of the dead (2007)

Director: George A. Romero
Writer: George A. Romero
Cast: Shawn Roberts (Tony Rabello), Amy Ciupak Lalonde (Tracy Thurman), Joshua Close (Jason Creed), Michelle Morgan (Debra Moynihan).
Synopsis: A group of film maker students are making their own horror movie in the woods, happy and without worries, until one of the crew members is attacked by a strange thing, when they realized that is a ZOMBIE is too late, the world has gone mad. In the rush of what’s happening every member try to contact their family, obviously without success, so they start a journey in a RV searching for their families.
Jason, leader of the filming crew start filming everything that happens on this journey and post it on the internet, so people know what’s happening, this doesn’t make happy most of the crew and with this Jason puts on danger the rest of the crew.
Review: Excellent movie about how people change in no time when ZOMBIES come around, madness, thrill, sadness, trying to be a hero and getting bitten. An accurate film on how things could go if there’s a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.
ZOMBIE Points: 4 ZOMBIE points to this great movie from our beloved director George A. Romero.
Subs: (Spanish subs)

Planet Terror (2007)

Director: Robert Rodriguez.
Writer: Robert Rodriguez.
Cast: Rose McGowan (Cherry Darling), Freddy Rodriguez (Wray), Bruce Willis (Lt. Muldoon), Mary Shelton (Dr. Dakota Block)
Synopsis: Everything began when a crazy scientist (as usual) create a GAS (THE SHIT) that turns people into ZOMBIES, in the nearer town people live their life without worries, until armageddon  begins and people start eating each other. A group or survivors guided by Wray and his girlfriend “Cherry Darling” must find a way out of this hell, but before that they will have to fight an army of ZOMBIES + Army of mutated army + the crazy scientist.
Review: GREAT movie, lot of action, comedy, blood and shooting, there’s no mercy, lot of GORE scenes (which I love) and an incredible cast.
ZOMBIE Points: 4 ZOMBIE points for this awesome movie, anytime, anywhere…
Subtitle: (Spanish Subs)

Which way humanity will turn ZOMBIE

In which way humanity will turn into ZOMBIES?
You’ll never know, there’s always some prick around that fucks things up.
Leave your comment on how do you think humanity will turn into ZOMBIES.

Day of the dead (2008)

Director: Steve Minner.
Writers: Jeffrey Reddick – George A. Romero
Cast: Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction), Nick Cannon (Drum Line), Michael Welch (Twilight), AnnaLyne McCord (The Transporter 2).
Synopsis: A little town in Colorado is on quarentine by the military, a strange flew has appear and nobody know what it is, everybody is starting to get really nervous, until the unthinkable happens, all the people that got the mysterious “flew” turns into ZOMBIES. The little and calm town is now trying to eat you.
Review: It has some good gore scenes, but there’s missing a little bit more of blood, the funny thing about this movie is that ZOMBIES save a little bit of their human intelligence and memory, there’s a new type of ZOMBIE, VEGETARIAN ZOMBIE (cause in life he was a vegetarian) a pretty lame explanation for this, but it’s all they could think.
ZOMBIE Points: I give this movie 3 zombie points, fun to watch it if you don’t have anything to do.