Planet Terror (2007)

Director: Robert Rodriguez.
Writer: Robert Rodriguez.
Cast: Rose McGowan (Cherry Darling), Freddy Rodriguez (Wray), Bruce Willis (Lt. Muldoon), Mary Shelton (Dr. Dakota Block)
Synopsis: Everything began when a crazy scientist (as usual) create a GAS (THE SHIT) that turns people into ZOMBIES, in the nearer town people live their life without worries, until armageddon  begins and people start eating each other. A group or survivors guided by Wray and his girlfriend “Cherry Darling” must find a way out of this hell, but before that they will have to fight an army of ZOMBIES + Army of mutated army + the crazy scientist.
Review: GREAT movie, lot of action, comedy, blood and shooting, there’s no mercy, lot of GORE scenes (which I love) and an incredible cast.
ZOMBIE Points: 4 ZOMBIE points for this awesome movie, anytime, anywhere…
Subtitle: (Spanish Subs)


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