Human vs. Zombies

University of Colorado prepared a series of games, where the Students pretend to be in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. How do they play?
They choose a secure building in the campus of the university and each player choose a side.
Humans have to make a barricade and protect themselves from the ZOMBIES using a NERF GUN and ZOMBIES have to get them (naturally), if the ZOMBIE recieve a shot to the head before he touches you, he is dead (again) and if you don’t shot him in the head, you turn into a ZOMBIE and is your turn to “eat” your friends, pretty nice, isn’t it?.
They also prepare missions asides:

  • Rescue the dummy doll.
  • Secure the perimeter.
  • Last Survivor.
  • Protect de VIP.
  • Get out of the building without being infected.

It made me think, what about if we organize our own APOCALYPSE ZOMBIE GAME?
Hope you get interested…



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