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28 Weeks Later (2007)

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Writers: Rowan Joffe, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Cast: Robert Carlyle (Don), Rose Byrne (Scarlet), Jeremy Renner (Doyle), Idris Elba (Stone), Harold, Perrineau (Flynn).
Synopsis: Six months later after a strange virus attacked London, the US army is helping to secure a small area of London, but nothing goes the way they plan, as usual. DAMN ZOMBIES ARE BACK.
Review: More gore, more blood, more raging people trying to eat you and government crumbling, what every movie needs to be successful.
Zombie Points:
4 ZOMBIE POINTS for the gore scenes.
Subs: (spanish Subs)


How to survive a ZOMBIE apocalypse (Part IV)

Supplies. (Chapter 4)

After you killed your first ZOMBIE and see the second one coming after you, don’t waste any time, search for back pack and take: 2 bottles of water, dried fruit, and chocolate. This are highly energetic food, will give you strength you need in the next days, Easy to carry, easy to eat.

The important thing is to know where to get it. Of course you can think of a mall of a supermarket, not only for quantity but for variety, right?
WRONG, there’s nothing worse than getting into a supermarket full of people in panic and provably infected with the “ZOMBIE” syndrome.
There you will be easy ZOMBIE FOOD, scared civilians, looters and law enforcement will not take long to begin shooting to the crowds trying to contain the situation.
Remember the little neighborhood shops, those little stores used to be run by a lovely old lady, that now is a ZOMBIE and you have to put her down. There you got a small place, so everything will be at reach, not much people cause there’s not much room either, you will get everything you need in no time.
But remember, don’t get greedy.
The most you get the lowest you will run and you will look even more tempting for looters.

Dead Set (2008, TV mini-series)

Director: Yann Demange.
Writer: Charlie Brooker.
Cast: Jennifer Aries (Sophie), Raj Gathak (Grayson), Shelley Conn (Claire), Cavan Clerkin (Dennis), Elyes Gabel (Danny).
Synopsis: During a fictional series of Big brother, zombie apocalypse begins, but our characters don’t know about it, they are trap in the house, without knowing what’s really going on the outside.
Review: AMAZING mini-series, from the beginning you get the thrill of this stupid big brother cast that doesn’t even know how to make a burger. Really GORE series, so be careful if a kid is watching this, he will dream about zombies for the rest of his life. Really good story and it’s a short one, only 5 episodes. It‘s really an amazing example of what NOT to do in case of a ZOMBIE apocalypse.
ZOMBIE Points: 4 ZOMBIE Points, don’t miss it, you won’t regret watching it.

How to survive a ZOMBIE apocalypse (Part III)

The first night (Chapter 3)

It’s really important to stay sharp, after all, it will be we worst night ever. Civilization will be crawling down, everyone is going to get really crazy or zombie, this is always traumatic for anyone.
This first night will be some kind of cosmic selection, where only those who are strong and prepared will survive.
You have to focus, from the moment that the first “dead” starts walking, social order will be meaningless, don’t let your feelings interfere with your needs.
IT has began, is time to start analyzing the ones around you and if the really deserve to live. Study their behavior, how they react in crisis and stress, which are they priorities.
I know, it’s really tough, but you can’t let your guard down even for a second, you will have to test your friends and love ones to know how far they can get, patience, physical strength, cold blooded, solidarity.
Take note of every defect, virtue and knowledge, if you need, make a chart and write down what would you get from saving that person and on the other side what would happen if you have to put a bullet on his brains.

The point of doing all this is to create a list of 5 persons minimum 10 tops that deserve to be by your side, if you are not on the list, you are only worth by the things you can carry on your back pack.
The first night will be a transition phase and the hardest night you will ever face.
The government will try to control the situation, most of the people will have faith on making it out alive, private property will still have much value to people, so it will be hard to take someone in your list from their parents or house. That’s why you have to think in yourself, leave all behind and search for a NEUTRAL ZONE.

But nothing is as easy as it seems…

Everything will start slowly.
Isolated breakdowns will start showing on the news.
But when they realized what is happening, it will be too late for them.

On the other hand, don’t go crazy saving food and water in a shelter like some crazy American, that’s sick.
Why would you do that if you already know where to get food?.

How to survive a ZOMBIE apocalypse (Part II)

Know your enemy (Chapter 2)

Everybody knows how to recognize a ZOMBIE: he stinks, have worms in the eyes, low walking and arms trying to get you, most of all, he will try to eat you. But they weren’t all the time like that, you know?

ZOMBIE history goes a long way back, ZOMBIES were known by then like “GHOULS”.
They were much alike, but they used to walk around graveyards and they only eat human dead flesh (That explains why ZOMBIES only appear on the first level of “Ghouls and Ghost”).
With time that sense of ZOMBIES was lost or replaced by another exotic and new name: Haitian Zombie.
The Haitian ZOMBIE was alive, without soul and he follow the orders of a sorcerer.
The sorcerer possessed his zombie army souls in little bottles around his house, with this he could command any order to the ZOMBIES.
At the beginning of the XX century this kind of zombie was used in American movies as me metaphoric that black people was evil and could not be around pure white Christians girls (hahahaha, pathetic). Like this we get till the 60’s, Cold war arrived and so did THE BOMB.
Radioactive fear took away all others fears that our capitalist rotten society oppresses the worker and the ZOMBIE transforms himself into a creature that attacks the humans, the kids, mom, dad, even Granma, they are all the same for him, don’t care about age, sex or race, everyone can be infected with a little bite, that’s sooooo nice.

Types of ZOMBIES

Just like degenerative liver disease for drinking vanilla Coca Cola, there are many kind of ZOMBIES, the origin is all that matters.

Here is where we start to argue about what would happen in a ZOMBIE apocalypse.
The best way is to know every type of ZOMBIE and act in consequence using your eatable brain and not all your bullets.

Nuclear waste, strange solar activity, some damn comet that touches the earth atmosphere or some partial eclipse goes wrong. These kinds of ZOMBIES are the most frightening cause it doesn’t matter if you get bitten, the radiation kill you anyway.

A strange virus made bodies to mutate, decompose very fast and make attack every human they find. They can be dead or alive, but it doesn’t matter, one simple scratch, a little bite or a nice spit would make your blood to get infected, joining the ZOMBIE legion in a couple of hours.

If this happen is cause we fucked up things, imagine god is in a bad mood and he decide to rise the dead, shut up and accept it. YOU ARE SCREWD.
It’s the same you kill 1000000000 ZOMBIES, your problems will start once you are dead (getting bitten or die old). Anyway everybody will become ZOMBIE at the end, if you get bitten, if you kill yourself, heart attack, starved, car accident, doesn’t matter, god have a pretty nice sense of humor and he decided to erase humans from the earth.

It might happen that a sorcerer, shaman, nazi or some crazy kid hearing his favorite record band backwards awakes the legion of the dead from the guts of the earth.
In this cases there’s no total invasion, they have one purpose only.
Reverting the curse is the only way to end it and then you have to get the hot girl.
In the meantime it all depends on how long the dead have been dead, longer the time, the lowest they will walk, but the bitten will be more powerful. Anyway, we are fucked.



Grab your guitar and get your drums! The planet is under attack, and the only chance we have is through the power of rock! Rock of the Dead lets you use your guitar and drum controllers to annihilate aliens, squash mutated insects and smash up the undead zombie hordes.

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Is it a shooter? Is it a music rhythm game? Yes, it is Rock of the Dead, and it’s coming soon to a console near you!








The Walking Dead (2010, Tv)

Something really weird happened yesterday, i was surfing the web as usual, everything looks the same as every other day, scrolling down I saw something I couldn’t believe, in a split I thought “what I saw isn’t real, just keep going” and so I did, after downloading a couple of ZOMBIE movies (that I will post later) I scrolled again to see if my eyes were going to cheat me again, and there it was….a torrent file I been waiting for months and again my brain thought “this can be real, must be fucking FAKE, let’s see the comments on the torrent”, one click after that I was jumping like a six year old kid with a new Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and a 52’’ FULL HD LCD, laughing and crying at the same time, almost crap in my pants too.
It wasn’t a joke, it wasn’t fake, it was REAL and it was waiting for me to download.
LADIES AND GENTLEMAN……11 days before worldwide release I got to see the first episode of: The Walking Dead.
I was just out of my mind, amazing production, nice story and our beloved ZOMBIES everywhere.
I really wish you enjoy it as much as I did and I hope I could see episode 2 before air date too, hahaha.