Why ZOMBIES will win

There are many different theories of why zombies show a complete disregard for their own physical well being when hunting humans.  This unique characteristic is rarely seen in the living world, and makes the undead all the more relentless and terrifying.

Using a recent evolutionary study from Michigan State University as a starting point, ZRS Researcher, Sarah Davey, suggests that  zombies allow themselves to be freely injured as a selfless gesture that benefits their fellow ghouls.

“MSU shows that populations of organisms that are physically or genetically similar act altruistically, thereby protecting the survival of the larger group.  It stands to reason that the reckless behavior of zombies is a subconscious byproduct of this same process.”

Though it’s general believed that the undead don’t technically work together in battle, Davey argues that any single zombie can function as the perfect decoy, sucking precious time, energy and resources from a survivor, even as the initial attack fails.  This ensures that future resistance will be weaker, substantially increasing the odds that zombie number two, three, five or ten will eventually succeed.

In Davey’s model, regardless of the zombie body count, the final meal is always a steaming plate of fresh human.


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