Rules for surviving ZOMBIE attack

Yesterday we talked about planning, now is turn for RULES, if you want to survive you NEED rules, you can’t go shooting the dead like crazy, so, what are your rules?

  • Don’t be a hero: if you try it, be sure of what you are doing or you WILL BE BITTEN.
  • Always save the last bullet for you: if you get bitten, there’s nothing else to do, wanna be a ZOMBIE? Be my guest, but be one far away from me.
  • Never get surrounded: If you get surrounded, you know what that means, ZOMBIE MEAL IS READY.
  • Always know your way out: Every time you get into a building is a good idea to know where the exit is, you never know how many ZOMBIES might be in there.
  • Never ever underestimate ZOMBIES: ZOMBIES might be dead and dumb, they can’t run fast. But unity makes a really big difference, even more when they come out of nowhere.
  • Keep the dumb dumbs close at hand: you never know when you are going to need some dumb snack for the ZOMBIES.
  • Double Tap: If you are not sure it’s dead (again), shoot the bastard again.
  • Little groups: Always be in little groups, no more than 5 persons, you never know when some dumb ass will try something stupid.
  • Many weapons is never enough: When you fight the dead even a military base is not enough, first you need as many bullets as you can carry, second you need to shoot them in the head, it’s never enough.
  • Don’t trust anyone: you never know if someone will use you as ZOMBIE food.
  • Be heard not seen: If you are about to enter a place with tight corners or corridors make a loud noise and wait it out, for all you know behind that corner is a zombie and when he hears you he’s gonna run at you. They aren’t smart enough to hide now are they? What you think they eat brains and then learn!? Pfft this manual is only help tips not this is what you must do, you are going to star analysing now!? Idiot that’s the next step.
  • Analyze: If you see a zombie that hasn’t noticed you pick up some helpful tips from it, watch how it moves and how it acts then once you’ve mastered it you’ll be like a fucking ninja with stealth cloaks on. One more thing don’t be an idiot and try it with millions of zombies, try to narrow it all down and find one zombie and if it runs at you shoot it…You never know they don’t learn so maybe you can act like one of them and all that…Couldn’t hurt trying now could it?
  • Anything you can pick up IS A WEAPON: If you find a pencil …Maybe not the best thing to combat a zombie but what the hell, hehehe….I’ll go with a beer bottle or club or anything that I can pick up a brick would work too as long as it does physical damage. It’s a weapon.



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