How to survive a ZOMBIE apocalypse (Part I)

This is a little tutorial on how to survive a ZOMBIE ATTACK, i made it myself, so feel free to write any suggestion. Every day i will post a chapter, hope you enjoy it.

The Zombie World (Chapter 1).

First of all, we got to establish some rules:

1. Don’t get scared: if you do, nothing good will come out of this.
2. Stay away from ZOMBIES: most of the time you will be able to move faster than them.
3. Get food, water, emergency radio, flashlight, weapons (if you can) and get to a safe place: this rule could save your life at the beginning of the attack.
Don’t be a hero: if you do, be sure of what you are doing or you will be bitten.
5. Stay away from heavily populated areas: The infection probably will be bigger there than other places.
6. Barricade yourself and stay as quite as you can: making noises attract ZOMBIES attention, no good.
7. Never let yourself get trapped: if this happens you are mostly done, that’s why you always have to know your way out.
8. Remember, anyone that gets bitten or killed by a ZOMBIE puts in danger the rest of the group: you know what you have to do.
9. Never ever underestimate ZOMBIES: ZOMBIES might be dead and dumb, they can’t run fast. But unity makes a really big difference, even more when they come out of nowhere.
10. Save the last bullet for you or a loved one: if you get bitten, there’s nothing else to do, wanna be a ZOMBIE? Be my guest, but be one far away from me.

We all have seen ZOMBIE movies and thought that the main characters were idiots. In the first scene of the movie when the ZOMBIE starts approaching, the characters don’t hesitate to go and help “the poor drunk guy” while we scream “RUN YOU IDIOTS”.
There’s always some stupid friend that says “What a dumb ass, if it was me I would leave all behind, fuck them.

Directors uses this scenes to “scare us a little bit more”, when main characters do something crazy putting in danger their lives. And in a biblical epic ZOMBIE apocalypse like this is normal to think that we are fit to survive.

That’s the first test, I will be the one putting a bullet in your head cause you will be the first infected. Ego has nothing to do here. It’s doesn’t matter if you think you are the best in what you do. You HAVE to prove you are the best it in this situation. Natural laws change when a fucking dead corpse is chasing your ass to eat you.


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