Dead Set (2008, TV mini-series)

Director: Yann Demange.
Writer: Charlie Brooker.
Cast: Jennifer Aries (Sophie), Raj Gathak (Grayson), Shelley Conn (Claire), Cavan Clerkin (Dennis), Elyes Gabel (Danny).
Synopsis: During a fictional series of Big brother, zombie apocalypse begins, but our characters don’t know about it, they are trap in the house, without knowing what’s really going on the outside.
Review: AMAZING mini-series, from the beginning you get the thrill of this stupid big brother cast that doesn’t even know how to make a burger. Really GORE series, so be careful if a kid is watching this, he will dream about zombies for the rest of his life. Really good story and it’s a short one, only 5 episodes. It‘s really an amazing example of what NOT to do in case of a ZOMBIE apocalypse.
ZOMBIE Points: 4 ZOMBIE Points, don’t miss it, you won’t regret watching it.


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