How to survive a ZOMBIE apocalypse (Part IV)

Supplies. (Chapter 4)

After you killed your first ZOMBIE and see the second one coming after you, don’t waste any time, search for back pack and take: 2 bottles of water, dried fruit, and chocolate. This are highly energetic food, will give you strength you need in the next days, Easy to carry, easy to eat.

The important thing is to know where to get it. Of course you can think of a mall of a supermarket, not only for quantity but for variety, right?
WRONG, there’s nothing worse than getting into a supermarket full of people in panic and provably infected with the “ZOMBIE” syndrome.
There you will be easy ZOMBIE FOOD, scared civilians, looters and law enforcement will not take long to begin shooting to the crowds trying to contain the situation.
Remember the little neighborhood shops, those little stores used to be run by a lovely old lady, that now is a ZOMBIE and you have to put her down. There you got a small place, so everything will be at reach, not much people cause there’s not much room either, you will get everything you need in no time.
But remember, don’t get greedy.
The most you get the lowest you will run and you will look even more tempting for looters.


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