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The walking dead Ep. 5

I was 20 min looking at the “paper” before I started to write something, I don’t know where to begin. I think I will start with RULES, is quite clear that these survivors didn’t have any basic rules driving everyone to take their own choices, which could lead to endanger the entire group.

If someone is bitten by a ZOMBIE or killed by a ZOMBIE, there’s nothing else to discuss, one shot to the head and that’s it, why put in danger everyone else?

–          Why Amy took so long to turn into a ZOMBIE? Does this mean that after you get bitten by a ZOMBIE and die your whole body needs to transform and this transformation takes that long?
The first two minutes when Amy woke into a ZOMBIE she looked at Andrea like she knew her and it seems Amy look sad, like she was trying to fight the ZOMBIE hunger, was this my imagination or it was true? Anyway, Andrea should shot Amy after she died, putting everybody in danger after ZOMBIES attacking the camp was really stupid of her.

–          Jim was bitten and he didn’t tell anybody, Jacqui was lucky to realize he was bitten. This kind of things only deserve on punishment. One to the head.
I know you will think I’m too cruel or have no moral, but in the land of the dead rules for surviving makes everything and someone that put you group and your family at risk should be left alone or killed. Daryl is totally right, 0 tolerance for walkers.

–          Shane disagree with Rick on getting to CDC, not having ONE leader makes decision much harder when you got a group that big and with kids.
He almost did it, we almost saw the end of Rick when Shane was ready to shoot him but Dale is always around, he knows everything and he is everywhere.

–          Moving out of the camp was a great idea, you can’t stay in the same place after it was attacked by ZOMBIES, first time shame on ZOMBIES, second time you are a MORON.

–          Rick knows that there are still guys like Merle out there, but to try and save Morgan, he leaves messages and sends out radio broadcasts that any scumbag can (and likely will) follow right to the camp.  He insists on dragging Jim to the CDC when it’s obvious the CDC doesn’t have any sort of a cure.  When leading a group of people to the CDC, he has a freak-out right in the middle of a zombie attack, which makes sense as he’s had a rough few days, but still, ZOMBIE attack.

In the end, they got to CDC and we saw the doors opening, next week last episode of the season TS-19.



Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit Tips

While you think your home will probably be safest place to be during an emergency or crisis, there may be times when you will need to evacuate the area or leave your home. Here are some essentials tips for your emergency kits.

  • Your emergency kit should be placed in portable containers located near an exit of your house. This is so you can grab them quickly on your way out of the house in a serious ZOMBIE apocalypse. Do not overload your kit, backpack or portable container. If you wind up having to carry it a long distance to reach safety or shelter you will appreciate the lighter weight.
  • Each member should have their own kit with food, clothing and water. You can distribute heavy items between the emergency kits for adult members to keep the weight of children’s emergency kits at a minimum.
  • Keep a small flashlight handy in the top portion of your kit. This way you can find it quickly and easily in the dark. Have more than one! If a flashlight gets lost or broken, you will need another one.
  • Inspect your emergency kit at least twice a year. Make sure there aren’t any missing items. Rotate your food and water. Adjust clothing for winter or summer needs. Check the expiration dates on all batteries, light sticks, hand warmers, and any extra food items and water you have stored. Be sure to include appropriate foot gear, such as hiking or snow boots.
  • Plan for a meeting place if you cannot meet at home. Designate an emergency meeting place if you become separated during a disaster or emergency.

    It is difficult to prepare for every emergency situation that you may face, that’s why we focus only in ZOMBIES. Having an emergency kit handy and easily accessible may give you the needed edge to survive.

Packing Your Emergency Kit
There are a lot of items that should be included in a good emergency kit. Below is the list of the most common items recommended for kit, categorized by essential, important. Each group member will need to evaluate the list and put together the items they believe will be the most crucial for them in a time of crisis.

Essential Kit Items
LED flashlight: These reliable torches are a must. The new technology is far superior to battery-draining incandescent bulbs and provides a brighter, more visible light than any other light source available. Remember to include two LED torches and extra batteries.
First-Aid kit: Stock a complete kit with basic medical items like bandages, disinfectant, basic pharmaceuticals, etc. If your group members require daily medication, make sure to store extras in the kit as well.
Multi-tool or pocketknife: A sturdy multi-tool provides you with basic tools in an easy to carry package. A good multi-tool will have screwdrivers and knife blades in various sizes for a number of different applications.
Non-perishable food: Include food that doesn’t need to be cooked in your kit supplies. Pack enough for at least a 72-hour (3-day) period. Nuts, granola bars, dried foods, and peanut butter are all excellent choices. Canned food has a good shelf-life too. Just be sure to include a can opener (or make sure your multi-tool has one)!
Bottled water: Pack 3 liters of water per person per day. This not only serves as your drinking water (which your body desperately needs) but will provide enough to use for sanitation purposes.
Warm blankets: For your home, any warm, dry blankets will suffice, preferably made of wool. Space blankets for your travel pack will conserve space and lighten the load.
Waterproof matches/lighter: It is important to have fire-starting tools in the event that extra warmth is needed.
Important Kit Items
AM/FM radio: Important information is often broadcast across radio waves in the event of an emergency. Keep extra batteries in your kit for the radio if you choose to include one in your kit.
Extra clothing: If inclement weather is involved, the value of warm, dry clothes increases dramatically. Put extra clothes in a waterproof bag.
Dust mask: ZOMBIE apocalypse can produce a big mess, stirring up dust and other harmful particles.
Bleach: This common household cleaner serves a number of purposes, the most important being purifying drinking water. Sixteen drops per 3 liters will provide you safe, drinkable water.

Melee Weapons 2

Much like the axe in terms of dynamics, many of the same tactics used for the axe can be applied here. The biggest difference is that an axe cleaves things, anda hammer smashes things. Any zombie body part you hit with it, might possibly cease to be a solid, singular object. However, it is a very heavy weapon, with most examples weighing in at between ten and twenty pounds. Unless you are built like an ’80s action star, you will probably be tired out by carrying this weapon. It can easily keep a zombie at bay, as even a blow that doesn’t have the power to smash bones would still knock the zombie back or on to it’s ass.

The shovel is definitely a weapon of opportunity, probably more useful for burying stiffs than killing them. However, in the hands of a good user, it could serve some purpose. Shovels with longer shafts can be swung, much like a dull axe. However, shovels are heavy, and over-swing is an issue. The blade could be used as a small, improvised shield, useful when your opponent swings back. The blade is not sharp, but getting whacked with it would stall a zombie for sure. Use it until you find something more suitable. There are smaller shovels that can be used in much the same way as a hatchet, to the point where the US Army trains its troops in its combat use. Military spades are known as entrenching tools, or E-tools. Still, use it until you find something better.

There isn’t much to be said about the pick-axe that hasn’t already been mentioned. Similar to an ax in design, with the exception of a spiked head on one side, and a flat chisel on the other. It would be used for impaling an opponent. As a plus however, the elongated head could be use to block and counter enemy swings. Obvious drawbacks are over-swing, and getting the pick stuck into objects. Also fairly unwieldy for tight places. Overall, not a bad weapon of choice, that would be fairly common in garden supply shops, tool retailers, etc.


Pipe/Monkey Wrench:
The pipe/monkey wrench may not be your first choice for a weapon, but this hunk of steel is quite effective in close-quarters combat. If used correctly, it has the capability to break bone and crush skull with generally less effort, making it an effective bludgeon. Its variety in sizes ranging from smaller single-hand versions, to larger sledge-hammer sized versions make it one of the more difficult tools to judge. Its uses as a weapon vary as much as it does in size.

As good a weapon as the pipe/monkey wrench is, its practical applications must not be overlooked. It can be used in the place of any of a large collection of wrenches, loosening nuts, bolts, and pipes of a wide variety. This makes it an ideal tool when salvaging parts from machinery and certain kinds of constructions.
Overall, the pipe wrench is very useful, and you might want to hold onto it even if you don’t plan to use it for zombie killing.

Melee Weapons

This is a really big deal…one of the most important things to survive in a ZOMBIE apocalypse is to be well armed.
First big problem is where to get weapons, but suppose that all the planets are align and there’s some cosmic luck that make you find all the weapons your could ever wished for. But this super luck is also the reason of the ZOMBIE outbreak.
So what weapons would you choose?

Melee Weapons

The first thing we have to think about with melee weapons is durability, usage and damage.
One of the biggest problems with melee weapons is the energy they require. After a couple of hours banging heads you should be pretty tired.
The problem with most of melee weapons is not to plunge it into a ZOMBIE head, the problem is taking it out.

Baseball Bat: pretty easy to find it anywhere and easy to handle, with the right amount of energy you can crack someone head. In addition you can add nails to the bat (Damage +5).

Axe: same as the baseball bat, you can find an axe in every tool shop, excellent weapon to smash heads everywhere, but again, the problem is to take out the axe of the ZOMBIE head.

Crowbar: you have one in every car trunk, powerful weapon and easy to use, but you will have to smash the head a couple of times before braking it.

Machete: great weapon if you know where to cut the body, really hard to smash or cut a head into sushi.

Katana: amazing melee weapon, but only if you know how to use it, it’s very easy to cut your own hand off.

Chainsaw: excellent weapon to find in a tool shop, this could save you when you think everything is lost, but it’s only good until gasoline runs out….then, you are FUCKED.

The Walking dead Ep. 4 “Vatos”

“Guns are worth more than gold. Gold won’t protect your family”.

Fourth episode “Vatos” was all about Moral Code.

Everyone was expecting a blood bath and we got to see how good Daryl and Rick are.
The episode explains how everybody turns out to kill anyone and take whatever they need, but there are always good people.
Glenn saved the day again taking the guns, but he was kidnap by the Vatos.
After a little talk between Grimes, Daryl and the Vatos we found not to judge a book by its cover.
The “Vatos” group turns out to be helping old people regardless of the ZOMBIE apocalypse and all they want was the guns to protect and gather medicine for the old people.
Daryl wasn’t as bad as everyone thought and put his life on the line to save Glenn and Rick giving half of the guns to the Vatos, everyone was happy and with clean conscious (?).
We got someone who saw a glimpse of the future and lost his mind, starting to dig holes all around, everyone thought he lost his mind or was because of the heat.
In the end we got Rick’s truck was gone, Merle was still missing and the camp was invaded by the walkers taking Amy’s life with them, this will change everything for the Camp.
After an amazing run, Rick and the group arrived at the exact moment to save everyone.

There are some questions that I have:

  • Would you give up your Weapons to save someone’s life?
  • Why Amy didn’t turn into a ZOMBIE after getting bitten and die?
  • Will Merle take revenge?
  • If someone starts screaming like that Mexican kid, would you ask him to shut up or just put a bullet in his head?


Next episode “Wildfire”.

Intelligent ZOMBIES?

What would happen if ZOMBIES could keep the intelligence they had as a normal human?
It would change everything we know about ZOMBIES.

  • Communicate between them.
  • Learn new ways for hunting humans.
  • Know have to use tools and weapons.
  • Climb stairs and advance obstacles.
  • Ambush humans.

Ask yourself, if each ZOMBIE could keep his IQ, what would happen when a Black Ops soldier turns into a ZOMBIE or a Stephen Hawkins ZOMBIE? Of course loosing the wheels. Most of the greatest minds of this era been intelligent ZOMBIES doesn’t sound like we had much of a chance for surviving.
On the other side, it would be the end of every TUTORIAL, MANUAL and GUIDE ever made for surviving ZOMBIES. We would have to start all over again, but, how? What’s left when you got super intelligent ZOMBIES?

  • Where can you hide?
  • Getting supplies would be the most deadly trap ever.
  • If you live in a bunker, they would get in anyway.

I guess we all know….WE ARE FUCKED.


The conspiracy of silence continues.  In Austin, Texas, a road sign blaring a warning about zombies was blamed on hackers and dismissed as a harmless prank.  Do you really believe that?  I know I don’t.  ZOMBIES ARE OUT THERE and they’re going to come sooner, not later.
That’s exactly what the military wants us to believe.  I’ve seen Return of the Living Dead, I know the story.  There’s nothing you can do that will improve traffic conditions more than warning people that there are zombies on the loose, They have no respect for jaywalking laws or right of way!  If there are ZOMBIES out there, that’s CRUCIAL information.

With this information I’m starting to wonder, we don’t have any signs like that nor any way to tell people going to the city “DEAD PEOPLE WALKING EVERYWHERE, GET OUT”.
How could we warn people of a ZOMBIE out break without using TV or RADIO?
Should we start screaming or making smoke signs? Damn it, in this case we are really FUCKED.
Should we let people come to the city so we can use them as bait or what? After all, is not such a bad idea, hahaha.