ZOMBIE Walk Argentina (2010)

WE ARE FUCKED….Yesterday 31 of October “Halloween Day’s” we celebrated ZOMBIE WALK ARGENTINA 2010…..

It was really an amazing event, lot of people having fun and lot of ZOMBIES trying to eat those that were having fun.
Blood all over the floor, running like crazy, screams that make your look everywhere looking for a real ZOMBIE, it was really something.
When the WALK began everybody on the street look at them thinking: Are these kids crazy?
The amazing thing is that age didn’t matter, you could find ZOMBIES from 4 years old, till 60 years old.
It’s a shame that this only happens once a year, I think we could have some ZOMBIE PARTY or a ZOMBIE SOCCER MATCH, hahahaha….
I was thinking, this ZOMBIE WALK was for fun, but, what if the ZOMBIES were real?
There were only 500 hundred fake ZOMBIES, that much could be enough for taking out Buenos Aires…don’t you think?

The thing that scares me the most is: What if the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE starts in a ZOMBIE WALK?
How would you get out of there?
How would you defend yourself?
How would you recognize a real ZOMBIE from one in the party?
It really creeps me out…

Well….here you have the pictures of that HELL.



One response to “ZOMBIE Walk Argentina (2010)

  1. Amazing event, lot of people having fun…wish this kind of events happens more often, thanks to all the people for the amazing pics!!

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