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How to survive a ZOMBIE apocalypse (Part V)

Weapons (Chapter 5).

It’s easy to say that with a sawed off shotgun and your balls all will be alright.
Little innocent creature of good, remember, you don’t live in USA and weapons are NOT legal. It’s not going to be that easy find them.
The logic thing to do is to get to a Police Station or some military facility, where you will find tons of barricades and safe perimeter and they will start organizing teams against the ZOMBIE apocalypse.
Buuuuuuut, again, that’s a mistake.
Cops and military people are trained to maintain calm and public order, but they are not qualified to contain an epic disaster like a ZOMBIE apocalypse. They don’t teach them how kill a Vampire or capture a werewolf in the academy.
So, again, the logic thing is that there fragile minds collapsed and instead of helping there are making things worse. Fortified with lots of guns, with no highly trained officer to command, they will start shooting to everything that moves and then ask the questions.
Totally insecure place for survivors. DON’T GO.

So, what’s left to check for guns?

First place you should check is the Sport Shop.
Some shops have Fishing and Hunting Department, you can get some guns there.
Don’t forget to get crossbows too, you might find them useful.
But obviously you will find lot of things to use as a weapon:

  • Tennis / Ping Pong Balls: you can use them to make Molotov bombs.
  • Fishing hooks: can be use as grapeshot.
  • Buoys: can be used to mark safe places and make sign to survivors.

Use your imagination and don’t forget the binoculars.

Don’t forget the Tool Shop either.
There you will have unlimited arsenal weaponry.
With turpentine and little balls of tin foil you have a powerful explosive.