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How to survive a ZOMBIE apocalypse (Part VI)

The key for surviving (Chapter 6).

Don’t you dare think everything is OK just because you have weapons and food. We are talking about long term survival, which means, everything you get should last a few hours. You need to start thinking long term.

For that, there’s one and only one thing you need: INFORMATION.
Information for defenses and become self-sufficient.

The best thing to do is getting to a library and take all the books for basic survival. In case you haven’t thought about this, here are two books that will help you VERY MUCH.

Fight Club: Excellent urban guerrilla handbook, in this book they teach you how to make NAPALM with orange juice and Coke. With their advice you will be able to make more and more powerful weapons to defend yourself.

Life in the country: This book explains all about seeds, how to choose and make them grow, and even teach you how to skin an animal.

Of course this will only be helpful when you found a secure location. THE NEUTRAL ZONE.
Only once you got some food and weapons you will be able to go to the NEUTRAL ZONE.

Think, if you followed this handbook, you will only have: a couple of bottles with water, some dried fruits, chocolate, binoculars, books, hand to hand weapon and a long range weapon (baseball bat and a shot gun, for example).

You will be able to move freely, ignoring the ones that ask for help and going to visit the people on your list and the ones that might be useful to rebuild civilization.

But, where should the NEUTRAL ZONE be?

It should be an isolated place but with easy access, it should be difficult for zombies to get there but you always need to have the advantage. Have multiple escapes routes and enough space for survivors, even a quarantine zone for those who are infected.

Best place to be, the SEA.
But, why the sea?
Mostly because you can be near the coast, you can check what’s going on.

ZOMBIES will not be able to get you, they are sadly able to walk and I don’t think they will be able to swim, do you? Even if they manage to swim, the ocean currents will do their job and the fact that they go dressed into the ocean is prove enough to know they will go all the way down.

If they swell and start floating everywhere, it might happen, then again, ocean currents might do the job of hitting every ZOMBIE with your baseball bat for you and take them far away. If there are too many of them, just take your boat and look for someplace else.

When bad weather arrives, all you have to do is get near the harbor and wait, for your safety you could take it a little bit further. Sleeping away from the coast is a great idea, you will be safe to get some good sleep, without creepy screams and ZOMBIES trying to get into the building. It will really help you in these apocalyptic times.

Saving water is really easy out on the sea, all you have to do is tie up bottles with water to the boat and let them float freely in the sea, even better because you can fish your own food.

In case you find survivors, you could take precautions, see if they are infected or hurt, most important, if they got any supplies.
From the coast you can check the progress of the apocalypse, what’s going on in the city. Make flare signals to survivors and from time to time go into the city for food, water, medical supplies, ammo and most importantly, books or something to spend time without getting bored (in times like this it could be deadly).

There are RULES you must follow if you want to get into the city for supplies:

  • NEVER LAND ON THE SAME SPOT: these bastards could learn that from time to time you touch land.
  • USE A LIFEBOAT: never use your primary boat, never take it out from the NEUTRAL ZONE, unless is totally necessary. Use your paddles to make the trip, too much noise could bring the attention to you.
  • USE YOUR “COMANDO” UNIFORM WHEN YOU GO TO LAND: never go with the clothes you are wearing, always use your “commando” outfit, every time you dress with that, your mind will automatically change into LOOTING MODE and don’t forget to empty your back pack.
  • NO VISIBILITY OR AT NIGHT, BAD IDEA, DON’T GO: your eyes are your true ally, if you can’t use them, don’t go. Unless you got night vision goggles.
  • BE ONE WITH YOUR SURROUNDING: don’t go like crazy shooting everything, ZOMBIES rule the world now, focus.
    If you enter their domain you should do it like a fucking ninja, in and out without a noise. If you are in need of killing a couple of ZOMBIES do it quietly.
    Try to search for supplies in areas you know with many escape routes and if you get caught, run like hell, don’t be a hero, get to your NEUTRAL ZONE as fast as you can, you will always have time to get what you need.
  • PREPARE SECRET SUPPLIES IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: make little survival supplies and leave them hidden in the city, you never know what could happen.
    Make sure you hide them very well but with easy access for you.
  • KNOW YOUR WAY: get a map of the city as soon as you can, pin point your supplies zones and where you leave your emergency supplies. Before going downtown memorize your way in and out, but remember, it should never be the same and try to have a third option with direct access to the ocean.

If you follow step by step these rules, you should be able to survive years easily.
Think that the ZOMBIES “no-life” is between 10 to 15 years. After that you will only see skeletons.
If you managed to survive all this time, you could search for a place where you can build a farm and live peacefully until you get old and start telling stories to your grandsons about better times, when we used to eat OREO and wasted time saving money to buy a PSP.

Wait, you didn’t think about getting someone to spend what’s left of life with you?