The Walking Dead Ep.2

Compared to the first episode, this one GOT IT ALL.
Brains, Blood, Sex, Fights, Shooting, Team up, Cars….

I have so much to say from this episode, I don’t know where to start.
Plot twists, new characters, conflicts and Grimes chopping a ZOMBIE with an axe.
Let’s talk about ZOMBIES first, in this episode we realized they are not just as dumb as they look

  • They get excited by food and start running.
  • They use tools and weapons.
  • They climb fences and overcome complex obstacles.
  • They communicate by moaning.
  • They hunt prays by smell and noise.

All this concludes that ZOMBIES are able to learn….WE ARE FUCKED.
Now is time for the humans…New characters appears, Glenn was one of the best with Grimes, both of them teamed up doing amazing things.

  • Grimes shooting headshots and running at the same time.
  • Group of survivors with a strategy for surviving.
  • Conflict between survivors.
  • Everyone had a role and they know what to do.
  • Grimes chopping a ZOMBIE with an axe and then using it to cover their human smell.
  • Imitating a zombie to escape.
  • Busting cars.

I really enjoyed this episode, wish the next one keeps me thrill as much as this one.



2 responses to “The Walking Dead Ep.2

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