The Walking Dead Ep.3

The third episode was totally different, almost we didn’t saw action.
It was about how to live in a community, rules and decisions.

  • Gather Supplies.
  • Manage Supplies.
  • Secure Perimeter.
  • Moral Code.
  • Everyone has a role to play.

This shows you how easy things can turn pretty bad between humans even in ZOMBIE apocalypse times. It’s really hard to follow rules when you have lost everything.
3 things made this episode:

  • Rick Grimes: getting together with his family but Lori is so ashamed of hooking with Shane nobody knows what will happen.
  • Shane Walsh kicking so idiot ass after hitting her wife, you can’t mess with your wife, totally deserved.
  • Merle Dixon: abandoned in the roof, walkers trying to get in no matter what, so, what’s the only choice? Cut your hand with a handsaw instead of cutting the handcuffs……really?

Next week will know how this goes on.



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