Daily Archives: November 18, 2010


The conspiracy of silence continues.  In Austin, Texas, a road sign blaring a warning about zombies was blamed on hackers and dismissed as a harmless prank.  Do you really believe that?  I know I don’t.  ZOMBIES ARE OUT THERE and they’re going to come sooner, not later.
That’s exactly what the military wants us to believe.  I’ve seen Return of the Living Dead, I know the story.  There’s nothing you can do that will improve traffic conditions more than warning people that there are zombies on the loose, They have no respect for jaywalking laws or right of way!  If there are ZOMBIES out there, that’s CRUCIAL information.

With this information I’m starting to wonder, we don’t have any signs like that nor any way to tell people going to the city “DEAD PEOPLE WALKING EVERYWHERE, GET OUT”.
How could we warn people of a ZOMBIE out break without using TV or RADIO?
Should we start screaming or making smoke signs? Damn it, in this case we are really FUCKED.
Should we let people come to the city so we can use them as bait or what? After all, is not such a bad idea, hahaha.