Intelligent ZOMBIES?

What would happen if ZOMBIES could keep the intelligence they had as a normal human?
It would change everything we know about ZOMBIES.

  • Communicate between them.
  • Learn new ways for hunting humans.
  • Know have to use tools and weapons.
  • Climb stairs and advance obstacles.
  • Ambush humans.

Ask yourself, if each ZOMBIE could keep his IQ, what would happen when a Black Ops soldier turns into a ZOMBIE or a Stephen Hawkins ZOMBIE? Of course loosing the wheels. Most of the greatest minds of this era been intelligent ZOMBIES doesn’t sound like we had much of a chance for surviving.
On the other side, it would be the end of every TUTORIAL, MANUAL and GUIDE ever made for surviving ZOMBIES. We would have to start all over again, but, how? What’s left when you got super intelligent ZOMBIES?

  • Where can you hide?
  • Getting supplies would be the most deadly trap ever.
  • If you live in a bunker, they would get in anyway.

I guess we all know….WE ARE FUCKED.


4 responses to “Intelligent ZOMBIES?

  1. stone black rider

    if the zombie is intelligent why would he eat human,s they would most likely keep theyre sanity and would not eat people for any reason if they were unless they were canibals before the virus

    • Why wouldn’t they?
      We human’s think are at the top of the chain food, we kill each other for stupid reasons, why not eat each other once you are a zombie? hahahaha….
      Anyway, imagine zombies not eating human, human’s eating what they always eat, how much time until food and animals run out? Then what?

      • do you actually think your thoughts through to completion? you pose what if and why not questions that can be answered. why would a human with pneumonia eat humans? if the virus or mutation did not change memories, or mental capability, it is only reduced to a mental disorder. if you are hungry at the mall, and you have aids, do you eat a pregnant woman for her increased antibodies in hope that you will be full and cured? no. you hit up the panda. no sentient being kills for pure joy. and something which was not a cannibal prior to being a zombie could justify going against what it knows to be right. computers don’t just hack because teenage guys think it would be awesome for all computers to just automatically hack things, it requires an intelligent and planned thought to do it. it doesnt just accidentally happen. use your brain or i’ll have to assume you are a zombie

  2. if they remained sentient, then there would be no reason why they would be different than a human. so scientific theory kicks this one out the window. supposing the impossible if of an improbable outbreak did happen, it would not make it harder. just different. if they were sentient, we would be able to convince them to stop. just like you can convince an attacking bear to retreat, and it doesn’t even speak, or have memories. if they had memories, like of how to be a navy seal, they would also remember love, family, humanity, and what a terrible thing a zombie is. i’d predict zombie suicide. and just because they remember tactical combat ( the 5% who actually knew it to begin with) are not super human. if anything they are subhuman, no virus excells body function. even auto immune diseases, which speed up auto immune responses slow the body down. they would be substandard, and at best an even match.

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