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The Walking dead Ep. 4 “Vatos”

“Guns are worth more than gold. Gold won’t protect your family”.

Fourth episode “Vatos” was all about Moral Code.

Everyone was expecting a blood bath and we got to see how good Daryl and Rick are.
The episode explains how everybody turns out to kill anyone and take whatever they need, but there are always good people.
Glenn saved the day again taking the guns, but he was kidnap by the Vatos.
After a little talk between Grimes, Daryl and the Vatos we found not to judge a book by its cover.
The “Vatos” group turns out to be helping old people regardless of the ZOMBIE apocalypse and all they want was the guns to protect and gather medicine for the old people.
Daryl wasn’t as bad as everyone thought and put his life on the line to save Glenn and Rick giving half of the guns to the Vatos, everyone was happy and with clean conscious (?).
We got someone who saw a glimpse of the future and lost his mind, starting to dig holes all around, everyone thought he lost his mind or was because of the heat.
In the end we got Rick’s truck was gone, Merle was still missing and the camp was invaded by the walkers taking Amy’s life with them, this will change everything for the Camp.
After an amazing run, Rick and the group arrived at the exact moment to save everyone.

There are some questions that I have:

  • Would you give up your Weapons to save someone’s life?
  • Why Amy didn’t turn into a ZOMBIE after getting bitten and die?
  • Will Merle take revenge?
  • If someone starts screaming like that Mexican kid, would you ask him to shut up or just put a bullet in his head?

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Next episode “Wildfire”.