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Melee Weapons

This is a really big deal…one of the most important things to survive in a ZOMBIE apocalypse is to be well armed.
First big problem is where to get weapons, but suppose that all the planets are align and there’s some cosmic luck that make you find all the weapons your could ever wished for. But this super luck is also the reason of the ZOMBIE outbreak.
So what weapons would you choose?

Melee Weapons

The first thing we have to think about with melee weapons is durability, usage and damage.
One of the biggest problems with melee weapons is the energy they require. After a couple of hours banging heads you should be pretty tired.
The problem with most of melee weapons is not to plunge it into a ZOMBIE head, the problem is taking it out.

Baseball Bat: pretty easy to find it anywhere and easy to handle, with the right amount of energy you can crack someone head. In addition you can add nails to the bat (Damage +5).

Axe: same as the baseball bat, you can find an axe in every tool shop, excellent weapon to smash heads everywhere, but again, the problem is to take out the axe of the ZOMBIE head.

Crowbar: you have one in every car trunk, powerful weapon and easy to use, but you will have to smash the head a couple of times before braking it.

Machete: great weapon if you know where to cut the body, really hard to smash or cut a head into sushi.

Katana: amazing melee weapon, but only if you know how to use it, it’s very easy to cut your own hand off.

Chainsaw: excellent weapon to find in a tool shop, this could save you when you think everything is lost, but it’s only good until gasoline runs out….then, you are FUCKED.