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The walking dead Ep. 5

I was 20 min looking at the “paper” before I started to write something, I don’t know where to begin. I think I will start with RULES, is quite clear that these survivors didn’t have any basic rules driving everyone to take their own choices, which could lead to endanger the entire group.

If someone is bitten by a ZOMBIE or killed by a ZOMBIE, there’s nothing else to discuss, one shot to the head and that’s it, why put in danger everyone else?

–          Why Amy took so long to turn into a ZOMBIE? Does this mean that after you get bitten by a ZOMBIE and die your whole body needs to transform and this transformation takes that long?
The first two minutes when Amy woke into a ZOMBIE she looked at Andrea like she knew her and it seems Amy look sad, like she was trying to fight the ZOMBIE hunger, was this my imagination or it was true? Anyway, Andrea should shot Amy after she died, putting everybody in danger after ZOMBIES attacking the camp was really stupid of her.

–          Jim was bitten and he didn’t tell anybody, Jacqui was lucky to realize he was bitten. This kind of things only deserve on punishment. One to the head.
I know you will think I’m too cruel or have no moral, but in the land of the dead rules for surviving makes everything and someone that put you group and your family at risk should be left alone or killed. Daryl is totally right, 0 tolerance for walkers.

–          Shane disagree with Rick on getting to CDC, not having ONE leader makes decision much harder when you got a group that big and with kids.
He almost did it, we almost saw the end of Rick when Shane was ready to shoot him but Dale is always around, he knows everything and he is everywhere.

–          Moving out of the camp was a great idea, you can’t stay in the same place after it was attacked by ZOMBIES, first time shame on ZOMBIES, second time you are a MORON.

–          Rick knows that there are still guys like Merle out there, but to try and save Morgan, he leaves messages and sends out radio broadcasts that any scumbag can (and likely will) follow right to the camp.  He insists on dragging Jim to the CDC when it’s obvious the CDC doesn’t have any sort of a cure.  When leading a group of people to the CDC, he has a freak-out right in the middle of a zombie attack, which makes sense as he’s had a rough few days, but still, ZOMBIE attack.

In the end, they got to CDC and we saw the doors opening, next week last episode of the season TS-19.

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