Zombie Awareness

If you were walking at night in a park and some weird guy approaches to you with fangs and try to eat you, you will immediately  know it’s a vampire, common sense, but why the fuck nobody know what a ZOMBIE is?. In every movie I ever saw about ZOMBIES, nobody knew what those creepy people walking around trying to eat the where ZOMBIES.
It got to my attention that in the era of global communications and global paranoia about when the world is going to end, most people don’t know about ZOMBIES and nobody care.
I asked around about how much they know about ZOMBIE, to people around 17 to 60.
17 – 30: They knew what ZOMBIES were and 20% thought about a plan to survive in a ZOMBIE outbreak or got some basics idea on what to do.
30 – 40: 70% only knew what ZOMBIES were and most of them didn’t care about it, only got basic knowledge.
40 – 60: only those who like all kind of movie knew about ZOMBIES and they took them as a joke.

Old people will think god is angry and made the dead walk, they are screw anyway.

This makes total sense why only a few will survive in the end.


One response to “Zombie Awareness

  1. the fact is that life is normal. you see a figure running in the park in your direction, you think jogger, not mutated undead humanoid. until it is too late you will be unprepared. you will not get tweets “oh dang, i just got my brain eaten by a zombie. gosh. aaaaghhh!!! arreooooowwww!” they aren’t going to be green skinned things. your first reaction will probably be to run because it is a sentient human murderer, or to run to it to help because they are avictim of a car accident or crime. when you figure out this very human like creature s not normal, hope you have a sturdy cane with you to hit them with in hopes you can escape, disable them, or do the most inhumane thing: to kill. you wouldn’t kill someone running at you unless they were already presenting that they were trying to kill you. essentially, only assassins, murderers, gangsters, and paranoid people will live long enough to realize what has transpired

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