Fire Weapons

The modern ranged weapons are probably the best thing to have in zombie combat. Using an explosive power the gun projects an object with remarkable precision and accuracy. These weapons do have complicated parts and need to be continuously cleaned and maintained.

The Handgun
The handgun or pistol is a small compact handheld firearm. From the old six shot Ruger revolver to the quick customized full automatic Glock 9mm. The handgun is light, easy to carry and a good short to mid-range weapon. On the down side it usually has a small ammunition capacity and is not as accurate as the rifle. The handgun is a great secondary weapon to use as a back-up if using other firearms.

The Rifle
The rifle is a larger, accurate, two handed gun. Types of rifles range from the midrange quick action assault rifle to the extremely long range bolt action sniper rifle. The rifle is the most dependable and accurate type of firearm. These weapons are good and picking off zombies from a distance and conserving ammo. With proper training this type of gun is probably the most effective weapon in long range zombie combat.

The Machine Gun
The machine gun unleashes rounds of ammunition very rapidly, these guns rip and shred everything in their path. These guns have no problem blowing organisms to peaces unfortunately when talking about zombies sometimes those pieces might still be coming to get you. The gun is good but expends ammo very fast and most of the time supplies are limited which might make these gun only useful for a short about of time.

The Shotgun
The shotgun delivers a powerful short range blast of spreading pellets. These guns are undeniably the best short range firearm. The shotgun is king of close quarter combat inside windy building hallways. The problem is that it is not very effective at much longer ranges, ammo capacity is limited and reload time is time consuming. Great for blowing zombie heads off at close range but not so in


other situations.


One response to “Fire Weapons

  1. firstly, depending on firearms will get you killed. unless you live in a gunstore, you will run out fairly quickly, and will then have a fancy club. a machine gun is an absolute waste. 60% of rounds will miss unless you are well trained, wasting precious ammo and time. rifles are nice, but in a close range situation, will be difficult to use. shotguns are not good for indoor use, and are limited on ammo. pistols are great (not revolvers) because of an ok ammo consumption and capacity. they are good for close range. and honestly, if a zombie is far enough away that you’d need a rifle, why mess with it? i’d rather not raise an alarm to three more i don’t know about than take down one unwary of my presence. in any case, unless you have, and can carry several thousand rounds, and be able to load them quickly, plan on using the gun as a backup to more conventional wisdom: a long reaching melee weapon like the good old machete

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