The new beginning

We always talked about how to survive on a ZOMBIE outbreak, but what about surviving after one? Let’s imagine for a second that we found the perfect place to stay, like a deserted island, to your knowledge it looks that you have everything you need to survive, so, what would be the first steps to make this happen and which professions we need?

As usual, first of all we need to create some rules for the community.
Imagine the ZOMBIE outbreak was generated by a Virus, even if people die from natural causes they will turn into a ZOMBIE after dying. This would be one of the worst things it could happen.

1.       Everyone will have a job to do. No excuse.

2.       Teams of two all the time.

3.       Patrol Schedule for everyone.

These three rules are the basics to keep the community safe.
1.-  Everyone will have to work at least to attend the basics needs  to survive, the most important jobs at first would be searching for food, water and make shelters.
2- Everyone will team up with somebody else, if something happens when the team search for food or water, there’s always one that can alert the community.
What if someone can’t deal with all that had happen and wants to commit suicide? It would put the community in great deal of danger. Teaming up two persons should fix this, maybe not.
3.- The patrol should keep safe everyone from ZOMBIES but if most of all, it would keep everyone safe from other people that want to have all what you worked for.

To be continued.


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