The new beginning II

With the first basics rules applied we can start thinking about everything else.  We are going to talk about which professions would be the most effectives in times like this.
If you were smart and read some survival guide, you should have by now some books on farming and some seeds to sow. Why do this first?
Because it will take you some time to make preparations, choose the right spot, think water flow, etc, and most of all, it will take about 6 month to have a crop that can satisfy the group needs.
To have a person who knows about Farming/Agricultural in your group would be ideal, first profession we named.
Hunting/Tracking: would be awesome to have one in a group, it could track animals for food, Humans and ZOMBIES to stay safe.
Having a Doctor/Nurse a person with First-Aid experience is crucial for your survival and everybody else. A Math Teacher or Accountant could keep efficiently all the supplies in the camp, this is very important if you don’t want to starve to death. We need someone who knows about Construction, he will help us making shelters and defenses to keep the camp save, is really important to have someone to talk too, about all the things and bad feelings you have since the outbreak started, a Psychiatry would be perfect, but I think we are asking for too much now.
Teachers can make the trick too, we need people to educate young kids and most of all they have good people skills.

If we manage to have all this professions in our camp, we are ready and going towards surviving.
This unless some crazy asshole feels like god and start destroying everything we worked for.

Once you got mostly everything working up, protect it with your life.


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