Home made explosives

I was thinking, in case of not been able to find fire arms to protect yourself, i started to think how to make home made weapons and then it hit me, explosives. You can make explosives from home made things really easy.
I have found one page in particular that have lot of information to make so real damage to those damn ZOMBIES.




3 responses to “Home made explosives

  1. once problem with explosives is that when they explode, the gas expands rapidly, and would rather move around you than through you. so on soft targets like zombie, it may temporarily disable, or shock a zombie, but it will not destroy them. shrapnel is useful on humans, who have feelings, but against a mindless warrior it would do little good. instead of thinking grenade styled, perhaps surround your temporary hq with explosives to disable or prevent attackers. a hard target works better, like a doorway, or wall.

  2. hello

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