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Leather Armor

The other day i was thinking about how to protect my body from any ZOMBIE bite. I thought about Kevlar, plastic, iron and other stuff, but my real problem was not to decide which one to use, my problem began when I thought….”In a ZOMBIE outbreak, will I be able to find Kevlar or some powerful armor to protect myself?” Then it hit me, Leather, I could find leather almost everywhere, it’s easy to work with and flexible to move without problems.
I surfed the web looking for some information, with 3cm wide leather armor, ZOMBIES would bite the armor but won’t get pierced, saving you from getting infected.
The human jaw is able to make 77kg for centimeter square, that’s enough to break bones, but not enough to pierce leather. Think for a minute, leather is strong and soft at the same time, even when you try to pierce it with a knife it gets hard, imagine trying to pierce it with your teeth, almost impossible unless you got vampire fangs.
Now, which part of your body would be the best to protect? Almost everywhere, when you get attacked by a ZOMBIE it really doesn’t care if he bites your ass or your arm. Best body parts to protect for me would be: Arms, Chest, Legs, Back, and Neck.
Of course the idea of using armor is only to get to the city or someplace to gather supplies, unless you are totally insane and want to use it all the time. Which brings me another question, if you use your leather armor all the time, I suppose you get really really hot under there, will you get dehydrate more quickly than the usual?. If that’s the case, you better have plenty of water with you.