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Survive to ZOMBIES

Medicinal Herbs

Painkillers and Pharmacies will not be around the corner when the ZOMBIES strike. So I started to search which herbs we can use instead of pills. Here we go.


Herbal tinctures and extracts are the preferred form of medicine as they are assimilated quickly and administered easily. Tincturing also extracts valuable constituents not found in teas since certain active plant properties are only soluble in alcohol. If you dislike the alcohol, you can reduce its presence somewhat by placing the drops in a half cup of hot, boiled water and allowing it to sit for 15 minutes. You can also mix the extract with juice to disguise the taste. To keep things in perspective, it has been said there’s more alcohol in a ripe banana than in the suggested dosage of herbal extracts.

Arnica. This external remedy makes a great massage liniment for sore and cramped muscles. It will decrease pain and prevent swelling and bruising associated with torn ligaments, sprains, crushed fingers and toes, and broken bones — provided the skin is not broken. Arnica works best if applied immediately after an injury and continued every couple hours for the first day.

Cayenne. Five to ten drops diluted in two ounces of water can be used internally for frostbite and hypothermia. It moves the blood from the center of the body to the peripheral areas, warming hands and feet. A couple drops under the tongue will help to revive someone in shock or trauma. Used externally for heavily bleeding lacerations, it will coagulate the blood to stanch the flow (though it stings a mite).

Valerian. As an antispasmodic and painkiller, this herb relieves intestinal and menstrual cramps, headaches and general aches or pains. As a nervine, it will bring sleep to an exhausted person. The dosage range is 30 to 60 drops.


Echinacea. Besides possessing the ability to increase the supply of white blood cells to an infected area, thus boosting the immune system, Echinacea is also antibiotic and antibacterial to gram positive bacteria such as strep or staph. It’s helpful with fevers, poisoning, or any type of internal infection and has reportedly been used for poisonous insect and snake bites by many native Plains tribes. Echinacea is a good preventative and supportive herb for the onset of the flu or common cold. The dosage ranges from 30 to 60 drops, the higher ranges used for fevers and acute situations. For toothaches, it can be massaged into the surrounding gums and teeth. For poisonous bites, 60 drops every 15 minutes is appropriate.

Grindelia. As an external remedy, grindelia cools and soothes hot, irritated skin rashes, sunburns, itchy insect bites and poison ivy. When taken internally, it helps expel mucus obstruction in the bronchioles and may be useful for some types of asthma and respiratory congestion.

. As an antimicrobial, this herb is traditionally used for bacterial diarrhea, dysentery, and giardia — a lower gastrointestinal complaint contracted by drinking contaminated water. The standard dose is three to five droppersful every six hours. To treat suspected bad water, add 30 drops to each quart of water.



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Leather Armor

The other day i was thinking about how to protect my body from any ZOMBIE bite. I thought about Kevlar, plastic, iron and other stuff, but my real problem was not to decide which one to use, my problem began when I thought….”In a ZOMBIE outbreak, will I be able to find Kevlar or some powerful armor to protect myself?” Then it hit me, Leather, I could find leather almost everywhere, it’s easy to work with and flexible to move without problems.
I surfed the web looking for some information, with 3cm wide leather armor, ZOMBIES would bite the armor but won’t get pierced, saving you from getting infected.
The human jaw is able to make 77kg for centimeter square, that’s enough to break bones, but not enough to pierce leather. Think for a minute, leather is strong and soft at the same time, even when you try to pierce it with a knife it gets hard, imagine trying to pierce it with your teeth, almost impossible unless you got vampire fangs.
Now, which part of your body would be the best to protect? Almost everywhere, when you get attacked by a ZOMBIE it really doesn’t care if he bites your ass or your arm. Best body parts to protect for me would be: Arms, Chest, Legs, Back, and Neck.
Of course the idea of using armor is only to get to the city or someplace to gather supplies, unless you are totally insane and want to use it all the time. Which brings me another question, if you use your leather armor all the time, I suppose you get really really hot under there, will you get dehydrate more quickly than the usual?. If that’s the case, you better have plenty of water with you.

The new beginning II

With the first basics rules applied we can start thinking about everything else.  We are going to talk about which professions would be the most effectives in times like this.
If you were smart and read some survival guide, you should have by now some books on farming and some seeds to sow. Why do this first?
Because it will take you some time to make preparations, choose the right spot, think water flow, etc, and most of all, it will take about 6 month to have a crop that can satisfy the group needs.
To have a person who knows about Farming/Agricultural in your group would be ideal, first profession we named.
Hunting/Tracking: would be awesome to have one in a group, it could track animals for food, Humans and ZOMBIES to stay safe.
Having a Doctor/Nurse a person with First-Aid experience is crucial for your survival and everybody else. A Math Teacher or Accountant could keep efficiently all the supplies in the camp, this is very important if you don’t want to starve to death. We need someone who knows about Construction, he will help us making shelters and defenses to keep the camp save, is really important to have someone to talk too, about all the things and bad feelings you have since the outbreak started, a Psychiatry would be perfect, but I think we are asking for too much now.
Teachers can make the trick too, we need people to educate young kids and most of all they have good people skills.

If we manage to have all this professions in our camp, we are ready and going towards surviving.
This unless some crazy asshole feels like god and start destroying everything we worked for.

Once you got mostly everything working up, protect it with your life.

The new beginning

We always talked about how to survive on a ZOMBIE outbreak, but what about surviving after one? Let’s imagine for a second that we found the perfect place to stay, like a deserted island, to your knowledge it looks that you have everything you need to survive, so, what would be the first steps to make this happen and which professions we need?

As usual, first of all we need to create some rules for the community.
Imagine the ZOMBIE outbreak was generated by a Virus, even if people die from natural causes they will turn into a ZOMBIE after dying. This would be one of the worst things it could happen.

1.       Everyone will have a job to do. No excuse.

2.       Teams of two all the time.

3.       Patrol Schedule for everyone.

These three rules are the basics to keep the community safe.
1.-  Everyone will have to work at least to attend the basics needs  to survive, the most important jobs at first would be searching for food, water and make shelters.
2- Everyone will team up with somebody else, if something happens when the team search for food or water, there’s always one that can alert the community.
What if someone can’t deal with all that had happen and wants to commit suicide? It would put the community in great deal of danger. Teaming up two persons should fix this, maybe not.
3.- The patrol should keep safe everyone from ZOMBIES but if most of all, it would keep everyone safe from other people that want to have all what you worked for.

To be continued.

Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit Tips

While you think your home will probably be safest place to be during an emergency or crisis, there may be times when you will need to evacuate the area or leave your home. Here are some essentials tips for your emergency kits.

  • Your emergency kit should be placed in portable containers located near an exit of your house. This is so you can grab them quickly on your way out of the house in a serious ZOMBIE apocalypse. Do not overload your kit, backpack or portable container. If you wind up having to carry it a long distance to reach safety or shelter you will appreciate the lighter weight.
  • Each member should have their own kit with food, clothing and water. You can distribute heavy items between the emergency kits for adult members to keep the weight of children’s emergency kits at a minimum.
  • Keep a small flashlight handy in the top portion of your kit. This way you can find it quickly and easily in the dark. Have more than one! If a flashlight gets lost or broken, you will need another one.
  • Inspect your emergency kit at least twice a year. Make sure there aren’t any missing items. Rotate your food and water. Adjust clothing for winter or summer needs. Check the expiration dates on all batteries, light sticks, hand warmers, and any extra food items and water you have stored. Be sure to include appropriate foot gear, such as hiking or snow boots.
  • Plan for a meeting place if you cannot meet at home. Designate an emergency meeting place if you become separated during a disaster or emergency.

    It is difficult to prepare for every emergency situation that you may face, that’s why we focus only in ZOMBIES. Having an emergency kit handy and easily accessible may give you the needed edge to survive.

Packing Your Emergency Kit
There are a lot of items that should be included in a good emergency kit. Below is the list of the most common items recommended for kit, categorized by essential, important. Each group member will need to evaluate the list and put together the items they believe will be the most crucial for them in a time of crisis.

Essential Kit Items
LED flashlight: These reliable torches are a must. The new technology is far superior to battery-draining incandescent bulbs and provides a brighter, more visible light than any other light source available. Remember to include two LED torches and extra batteries.
First-Aid kit: Stock a complete kit with basic medical items like bandages, disinfectant, basic pharmaceuticals, etc. If your group members require daily medication, make sure to store extras in the kit as well.
Multi-tool or pocketknife: A sturdy multi-tool provides you with basic tools in an easy to carry package. A good multi-tool will have screwdrivers and knife blades in various sizes for a number of different applications.
Non-perishable food: Include food that doesn’t need to be cooked in your kit supplies. Pack enough for at least a 72-hour (3-day) period. Nuts, granola bars, dried foods, and peanut butter are all excellent choices. Canned food has a good shelf-life too. Just be sure to include a can opener (or make sure your multi-tool has one)!
Bottled water: Pack 3 liters of water per person per day. This not only serves as your drinking water (which your body desperately needs) but will provide enough to use for sanitation purposes.
Warm blankets: For your home, any warm, dry blankets will suffice, preferably made of wool. Space blankets for your travel pack will conserve space and lighten the load.
Waterproof matches/lighter: It is important to have fire-starting tools in the event that extra warmth is needed.
Important Kit Items
AM/FM radio: Important information is often broadcast across radio waves in the event of an emergency. Keep extra batteries in your kit for the radio if you choose to include one in your kit.
Extra clothing: If inclement weather is involved, the value of warm, dry clothes increases dramatically. Put extra clothes in a waterproof bag.
Dust mask: ZOMBIE apocalypse can produce a big mess, stirring up dust and other harmful particles.
Bleach: This common household cleaner serves a number of purposes, the most important being purifying drinking water. Sixteen drops per 3 liters will provide you safe, drinkable water.


The conspiracy of silence continues.  In Austin, Texas, a road sign blaring a warning about zombies was blamed on hackers and dismissed as a harmless prank.  Do you really believe that?  I know I don’t.  ZOMBIES ARE OUT THERE and they’re going to come sooner, not later.
That’s exactly what the military wants us to believe.  I’ve seen Return of the Living Dead, I know the story.  There’s nothing you can do that will improve traffic conditions more than warning people that there are zombies on the loose, They have no respect for jaywalking laws or right of way!  If there are ZOMBIES out there, that’s CRUCIAL information.

With this information I’m starting to wonder, we don’t have any signs like that nor any way to tell people going to the city “DEAD PEOPLE WALKING EVERYWHERE, GET OUT”.
How could we warn people of a ZOMBIE out break without using TV or RADIO?
Should we start screaming or making smoke signs? Damn it, in this case we are really FUCKED.
Should we let people come to the city so we can use them as bait or what? After all, is not such a bad idea, hahaha.