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Theories about Zombies

Zombie Awareness

If you were walking at night in a park and some weird guy approaches to you with fangs and try to eat you, you will immediately  know it’s a vampire, common sense, but why the fuck nobody know what a ZOMBIE is?. In every movie I ever saw about ZOMBIES, nobody knew what those creepy people walking around trying to eat the where ZOMBIES.
It got to my attention that in the era of global communications and global paranoia about when the world is going to end, most people don’t know about ZOMBIES and nobody care.
I asked around about how much they know about ZOMBIE, to people around 17 to 60.
17 – 30: They knew what ZOMBIES were and 20% thought about a plan to survive in a ZOMBIE outbreak or got some basics idea on what to do.
30 – 40: 70% only knew what ZOMBIES were and most of them didn’t care about it, only got basic knowledge.
40 – 60: only those who like all kind of movie knew about ZOMBIES and they took them as a joke.

Old people will think god is angry and made the dead walk, they are screw anyway.

This makes total sense why only a few will survive in the end.


Intelligent ZOMBIES?

What would happen if ZOMBIES could keep the intelligence they had as a normal human?
It would change everything we know about ZOMBIES.

  • Communicate between them.
  • Learn new ways for hunting humans.
  • Know have to use tools and weapons.
  • Climb stairs and advance obstacles.
  • Ambush humans.

Ask yourself, if each ZOMBIE could keep his IQ, what would happen when a Black Ops soldier turns into a ZOMBIE or a Stephen Hawkins ZOMBIE? Of course loosing the wheels. Most of the greatest minds of this era been intelligent ZOMBIES doesn’t sound like we had much of a chance for surviving.
On the other side, it would be the end of every TUTORIAL, MANUAL and GUIDE ever made for surviving ZOMBIES. We would have to start all over again, but, how? What’s left when you got super intelligent ZOMBIES?

  • Where can you hide?
  • Getting supplies would be the most deadly trap ever.
  • If you live in a bunker, they would get in anyway.

I guess we all know….WE ARE FUCKED.

ZOMBIE Walk Argentina (2010)

WE ARE FUCKED….Yesterday 31 of October “Halloween Day’s” we celebrated ZOMBIE WALK ARGENTINA 2010…..

It was really an amazing event, lot of people having fun and lot of ZOMBIES trying to eat those that were having fun.
Blood all over the floor, running like crazy, screams that make your look everywhere looking for a real ZOMBIE, it was really something.
When the WALK began everybody on the street look at them thinking: Are these kids crazy?
The amazing thing is that age didn’t matter, you could find ZOMBIES from 4 years old, till 60 years old.
It’s a shame that this only happens once a year, I think we could have some ZOMBIE PARTY or a ZOMBIE SOCCER MATCH, hahahaha….
I was thinking, this ZOMBIE WALK was for fun, but, what if the ZOMBIES were real?
There were only 500 hundred fake ZOMBIES, that much could be enough for taking out Buenos Aires…don’t you think?

The thing that scares me the most is: What if the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE starts in a ZOMBIE WALK?
How would you get out of there?
How would you defend yourself?
How would you recognize a real ZOMBIE from one in the party?
It really creeps me out…

Well….here you have the pictures of that HELL.


So many questions….

When the time comes, what do you think will happen?
I guess we all know that we are gonna get fucked, crazy bloody people running towards you, trying to have you as dinner, totally cute.
So, when the time comes, how are you going to protect yourself?
Which weapons do you think are the best to survive?
How do you plan to find weapons?
What tactic are you going to take?
How big do you think your group should be?
Who are you going to rescue and why?
Where do you plan to flee?
Which vehicle will you use?
So many questions to answer….and don’t forget about other people trying to do the same…
When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth…
Why don’t we start hoping for the best but planning for the worst?
Leave a comment about what you would do.

Setting the table for ZOMBIES

Because humans are a key ingredient in the creation of zombies, it stands to reason that a higher population density means greater danger in an undead outbreak.  That’s why new forecasts released by the United Nations show that the human race is setting itself up for certain disaster.

By 2030, sixty percent of the world’s population, or five billion people, will live inside large urban centers.  And two billion of those will live in massive shanty towns across Asia and Africa, where new and deadly diseases brought on by unsanitary conditions, malnutrition, and lack of basic health care will run rampant.

Huge megacities, rare just a few years ago, will be commonly found all across the planet, as populations cram together in increasingly tight geographic areas.

In terms of zombie survival, we are becoming less self reliant, less physically and mentally fit, and less able to avoid or escape disaster when it strikes on a daily basis.

Where do you run when the mass of zombies is too thick to penetrate?  Where do you hide when your desperate neighbors are so close at hand they can hear you breathing?  How do you fight when the undead are less of a threat than the tens of millions of terrified survivors scrambling for life outside your front door?

For too many of us, the answers won’t be pretty.

Why ZOMBIES will win

There are many different theories of why zombies show a complete disregard for their own physical well being when hunting humans.  This unique characteristic is rarely seen in the living world, and makes the undead all the more relentless and terrifying.

Using a recent evolutionary study from Michigan State University as a starting point, ZRS Researcher, Sarah Davey, suggests that  zombies allow themselves to be freely injured as a selfless gesture that benefits their fellow ghouls.

“MSU shows that populations of organisms that are physically or genetically similar act altruistically, thereby protecting the survival of the larger group.  It stands to reason that the reckless behavior of zombies is a subconscious byproduct of this same process.”

Though it’s general believed that the undead don’t technically work together in battle, Davey argues that any single zombie can function as the perfect decoy, sucking precious time, energy and resources from a survivor, even as the initial attack fails.  This ensures that future resistance will be weaker, substantially increasing the odds that zombie number two, three, five or ten will eventually succeed.

In Davey’s model, regardless of the zombie body count, the final meal is always a steaming plate of fresh human.

ZOMBIES make people CRAZY!!

It’s already been argued that a widespread zombie outbreak would be quickly followed by a complete breakdown of our modern way of life, but what happens after that?  Would communities band together, providing support for one another in their time of need?  Would neighbor help neighbor when food is running low, and undead cannibals are roaming the streets?  Would the spirit of cooperation rule the day?  The answer is a resounding no.

In email exchanges with dozens of disaster response experts across globe, I got the same basic answer over and over again.  Mass panic would lead to civil unrest on a global scale.  Those few who had enough food would barricade themselves into their homes, only to be attacked by hostile humans desperate to save their own skin.  Death would come knocking long before zombies ever did.Zombie Riot

Jim Rush, Team Leader for the National Bioterrorism Hospital Preparedness Program, had this to say:

“Cities would be extremely dangerous places, with widespread looting and violence.  And the corresponding hospital systems that service those areas would be instantly overloaded and unable to cope.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, another leading scholar said that rampant mob mentality would quickly lead to the breakdown of law and order.  National Guard troops would be sent into urban areas to quiet the population, but their efforts would only lead to more bloodshed.  Front line personnel, like police and medical first responders, would risk constant ambush for their vehicles, weapons and supplies.  In short, it would be a complete and total nightmare.

So if you think that being eaten alive will be your biggest problem when the undead rise, you might want to think again.  What’s more likely is that your house will be set on fire with you and your family inside, just because someone thinks you might have something they want.