The new beginning

We always talked about how to survive on a ZOMBIE outbreak, but what about surviving after one? Let’s imagine for a second that we found the perfect place to stay, like a deserted island, to your knowledge it looks that you have everything you need to survive, so, what would be the first steps to make this happen and which professions we need?

As usual, first of all we need to create some rules for the community.
Imagine the ZOMBIE outbreak was generated by a Virus, even if people die from natural causes they will turn into a ZOMBIE after dying. This would be one of the worst things it could happen.

1.       Everyone will have a job to do. No excuse.

2.       Teams of two all the time.

3.       Patrol Schedule for everyone.

These three rules are the basics to keep the community safe.
1.-  Everyone will have to work at least to attend the basics needs  to survive, the most important jobs at first would be searching for food, water and make shelters.
2- Everyone will team up with somebody else, if something happens when the team search for food or water, there’s always one that can alert the community.
What if someone can’t deal with all that had happen and wants to commit suicide? It would put the community in great deal of danger. Teaming up two persons should fix this, maybe not.
3.- The patrol should keep safe everyone from ZOMBIES but if most of all, it would keep everyone safe from other people that want to have all what you worked for.

To be continued.


Smith & Wesson SD9

Smith & Wesson Corp., the legendary 158-year old firearms maker, announced that the company has unveiled a new line of firearms designed to assist with personal and home protection needs – the Smith & Wesson Self Defense (SD) Series. Chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W, the Smith & Wesson SD9 and SD40 semi-automatic pistols offer a variety of features requested by individuals for use at home and for personal defense applications.

“The new SD9 and SD40 pistols combine the best of both price and functionality in a reliable, ergonomic firearm engineered with one specific goal in mind – self defense,” said Tom Kelly Vice President of Marketing for Smith & Wesson.

More information later on.

Desert Eagle Baby

Magnum Research of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is well-known by anyone who has ever touched off a round from a handgun. Big semi autos in Desert Eagle .50 , .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum quickly captured the imagination of recreational hand gunners, handgun hunters and silhouette shooters around the country.
But even Arnold Schwarzenegger would have trouble toting a Desert Eagle all day, so Magnum Research offers a line of more normal-size pistols. These include the Baby Eagle and subcompact Micro Desert Eagle–and now a new polymer-frame pistol called the Baby Desert Eagle Fast Action.

The Baby Desert Eagle Fast Action is a polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol with a unique “fast-action” trigger mechanism. When you chamber a round, the striker is held in the cocked position and the first shot can be fired with a long but very light stroke. After firing a shot, the trigger moves a short distance forward to reset, allowing subsequent shots to be fired with a single-action-like stroke.

When you are done firing, you depress the decocker, an oval-shaped button at the left rear of the slide. This allows the striker to move forward, where it is held in place. Firing the pistol in normal double-action mode now requires a significantly heavier trigger stroke.

Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle Fast Action
Type: locked breech semiauto
Caliber: 9mm Luger (tested), .40 S&W
Capacity: 10, 15-round (tested) magazines (9mm); 10, 11-round magazines (.40)
Weight: 24.8 oz.
Price: $699.

La horda (2009)

Directors: Yannick Dahan, Benjamin Rocher
Arnaud Bordas, Yannick Dahan
Cast: Claude Perron (Aurore), Jean-Pierre Martins (Ouessem), Eriq Ebouaney (Adewale), Yves Pignot (Rene)
Synopsis: A police group wants to take revenge for the death of one of them against a gang. After entering the gang building and getting shot, both sides realize that this will not be easy, the dead are rising.
Review: We get to see what ZOMBIES might do, totally gore and full of action. Totally worth it.
Zombie Points: 4.5
ZOMBIE points for the action scenes.

The walking dead Ep. 6

Last episode of the season show us how the virus works, but it didn’t had a name or explained why after the subject died has the need to feed.
Every one was really happy in CDC headquarters, they had a nice dinner, took a shower with hot water, feel safe and like a family, they even got drunk,  but it didn’t last, CDC building was programmed  to destruct itself in case of a massive fail down power. Our adventure group was trap in a deadly building inside a deadly world filled by ZOMBIES, could things get worst?
CDC was automatically starting to shut down, there’s no way out, but as usual, our hero saved the day, Rick convinced Dr. Jenner to let them out, saving everyone.
The big questions now are:

  • What told Dr. Jenner to Rick before he leave?
  • Where to go?
  • What to do?
  • How long till we are all dead?

The finale of the season left us lot of questions without answer, where’s Merle? Or explain a little bit more about the virus, why did Amy take so long while the other infected people only took them 2-4 hours.
Guess we will have to wait until next season to find out or not….maybe there’s a ZOMBIE outbreak before that, but at least we know a little bit more about ZOMBIES than they do.


Fire Weapons

The modern ranged weapons are probably the best thing to have in zombie combat. Using an explosive power the gun projects an object with remarkable precision and accuracy. These weapons do have complicated parts and need to be continuously cleaned and maintained.

The Handgun
The handgun or pistol is a small compact handheld firearm. From the old six shot Ruger revolver to the quick customized full automatic Glock 9mm. The handgun is light, easy to carry and a good short to mid-range weapon. On the down side it usually has a small ammunition capacity and is not as accurate as the rifle. The handgun is a great secondary weapon to use as a back-up if using other firearms.

The Rifle
The rifle is a larger, accurate, two handed gun. Types of rifles range from the midrange quick action assault rifle to the extremely long range bolt action sniper rifle. The rifle is the most dependable and accurate type of firearm. These weapons are good and picking off zombies from a distance and conserving ammo. With proper training this type of gun is probably the most effective weapon in long range zombie combat.

The Machine Gun
The machine gun unleashes rounds of ammunition very rapidly, these guns rip and shred everything in their path. These guns have no problem blowing organisms to peaces unfortunately when talking about zombies sometimes those pieces might still be coming to get you. The gun is good but expends ammo very fast and most of the time supplies are limited which might make these gun only useful for a short about of time.

The Shotgun
The shotgun delivers a powerful short range blast of spreading pellets. These guns are undeniably the best short range firearm. The shotgun is king of close quarter combat inside windy building hallways. The problem is that it is not very effective at much longer ranges, ammo capacity is limited and reload time is time consuming. Great for blowing zombie heads off at close range but not so in


other situations.

Zombie Awareness

If you were walking at night in a park and some weird guy approaches to you with fangs and try to eat you, you will immediately  know it’s a vampire, common sense, but why the fuck nobody know what a ZOMBIE is?. In every movie I ever saw about ZOMBIES, nobody knew what those creepy people walking around trying to eat the where ZOMBIES.
It got to my attention that in the era of global communications and global paranoia about when the world is going to end, most people don’t know about ZOMBIES and nobody care.
I asked around about how much they know about ZOMBIE, to people around 17 to 60.
17 – 30: They knew what ZOMBIES were and 20% thought about a plan to survive in a ZOMBIE outbreak or got some basics idea on what to do.
30 – 40: 70% only knew what ZOMBIES were and most of them didn’t care about it, only got basic knowledge.
40 – 60: only those who like all kind of movie knew about ZOMBIES and they took them as a joke.

Old people will think god is angry and made the dead walk, they are screw anyway.

This makes total sense why only a few will survive in the end.